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May. 7th, 2017 12:32 pm
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Hadriel App

Apr. 2nd, 2017 11:32 pm
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Player name: Kara
Contact: [plurk.com profile] caletara
Characters currently in-game: Flick

Character Name: Andros
Character Age:19
Canon: Power Rangers (in Space)
Canon Point: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power of Pink
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1. Sister abducted from a public park while the two of them were playing. Andros was 5 or 6.

2.  His home planet of KO-35 is attacked at age 15.  During the attacks the planet is also hit with an invasion of Barillian Bugs, which bite citizens and transform them into monsters. Andros, Zhane and presumably 4 other teens tried to defend it and failed. 4 teammates are killed. Zhane jumps in front of Andros and gets hit with an explosion, causing a near fatal injury. The planet is abandoned and the citizens left alive evacuate.

3. Andros is alone on his ship for 2 years, waging a 1 ranger war against evil.

4. Keeps Zhane and the healing chamber hidden in a camouflaged and coded room. It's 6 months before his new teammates accidentally discover Zhane's body before Andros admits anything.

5.  Sister has tried to kill him weekly for at least the past year.

6. New teammates have repeatedly jumped in front of him in battle, some getting severely hurt in an effort to save him. (induces flashbacks and nightmares).

7. Kills his sister accidentally.

8. Kills his mentor on purpose after being ordered.

9. Has felt Zhane die once, and bear the brunt of a monster's explosion on KO-35 due to their psychic link.

Self Induced isolation, PTSD, chronic nightmares (Karone's kidnapping, Zhane blows up, psycho rangers, Astronema's death, Zordon's death). Secretive loner who prefers to distance himself in case people get hurt.
In  Medietas:

10. Astronema kills him after Andros is too nervous to defend himself. 

In Hadriel:


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Megadeck 1:
Bridge: Front View and Side panels. Control descriptions here
Rec Room: Synthetron and Table
Star Chart
Storage Lockers
Jump tubes
Megadeck 2:  8 Crew Quarters
Megadeck 3: Med Bay
Megadeck 4: gym, sealed and locked Power Vault with no morphers, cargo bay
Megadeck 5: Simudeck
Megadeck 6: Two level engine room, containing the disabled Mega Accelerator,  hidden cryogenic chamber and gift shop/cargo bay leading outside

DECA: eyes and interface


Nov. 17th, 2016 05:44 pm
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How's My Driving? Andros too much of an asshole? Not enough? Is he accidentally understanding weird earth customs he shouldn't be? Let me know! Anon on, IP off.
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Backtagging: Yes!
Threadhopping: In general, sure! Check with me just in case I have something planned with another mun though!
Fourthwalling: Recognizing him as a power ranger or knowing what a power ranger is? Sure. Recognizing him as fictional? Maaaybe. Let's chat.


Hugging this character: You can try. He's not really a touchy feely kind of a guy unless you know him well.

Kissing this character: Probably not, I can think of three characters he'd let kiss him. But you can try!

Flirting with this character: If your name's not Ashley Hammond or Zhane, Andros will either not understand that your flirting with him, pretend he doesn't understand that your flirting with him, or blush, get uncomfortable and change the subject. But, go ahead!

Fighting with this character: Hell yes. That being said, he's been a power ranger since he was at least thirteen. He's also a black belt, kills monsters for a living and has anger issues.

Injuring this character: Yes!! He's got increased healing as a power ranger, so it probably wont last long anyway. Let's talk and we'll figure it out.

Killing this character: Let' s talk! Maybe!

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure. Andros has empathic/telepathic abilities, but these seem to be specific to one person, Zhane. Let's talk and we can figure out if those would interfere or clue him in!

Warnings: Andros has a pretty horrific past for someone in Power Rangers.

He may reference:
child kidnapping/abduction, brainwashing, torture, war, violence, depression, anxiety, self induced isolation, the death of friends, teammates, and family, genocide and severe near-fatal injuries.

I will put trigger warnings in the beginnings of Andros' logs if he talks about them, but as always please let me know if I missed something.

And let me know here if you'd rather opt out!

Contact me if you want to talk about any of this.
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Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lb
Species: human subtype.
Vitals: athletic

Blood work: blood type similar to earth based humans with some differences, antibodies to a variety of alien viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc, as well as a limited number of those native to earth.

Extremely fast healing response. Broken bones heal within 3 days.

History of trauma(multiple broken bones, sprains, soft tissue injuries, contusions, electrocution, injuries consistent with a fall from extreme heights), slight crush injuries. Injuries dating back at least 6 years.

EKG and other energy type scanning will detect his morphing energy(frequency red).

Chemical composition of tears/tear ducts have been changed but is dormant.

Mental Health:
History of nightmares(related to sister's kidnapping, war/evacuation of planet, injury of teammates/comrades, and psycho rangers). Defensive, anti-social, loner. History of self induced isolation for 2 years following near fatal injury of best friend in war time. Possible deaths of former teammates. PTSD.

Notes: Power Ranger(Red Space Ranger), possesses telekinesis, empathy/telepathy(connection only active with Zhane), natural stripes in hair. Sexually active.


Sep. 27th, 2016 03:46 pm
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 From Out of Nowhere Part 2 

Alpha 6: Listen to me, Andros. You're making a big mistake. Oh, can't you see? The five of you have the same mission. You're supposed to be a team. 
DECA: I believe that Alpha has a valid point, Andros. 
: Quiet, both of you. Look, I work alone. I don't need them. 
Alpha 6: If you're going to rescue Zordon, you'll need to take all the help that you can get. Think about it. 

But we all have the same goal: to protect Zordon. 
Andros: You're planetary Rangers, from Earth. What do you know about space? 
TJ: Nothing. I guess.
Andros: Exactly. 

Survival of the Silver

Andros: We were a team - invincible - until the day Dark Spectre attacked our home planet, KO-35. They were everywhere, and they were relentless. I was knocked down by one of Dark Spectre's monsters. Zhane ran in and took the blow that was meant for me. He put his own life on the line... , in order to save mine. He saved my life that day, so I brought him here. 

Power of Pink

Andros to Cassie: We all took a risk when we became Power Rangers. She knew that. 
Cassie: I wish I could stay and help.
Andros: Me too. But we've got to continue our mission.  Kendrix sacrificed her power(life) to destroy the Savage Sword so that you could get yours back. She would want you to carry on. You know that.  
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Need to contact Andros or the mun? Leave a message here, PM me or try one of the following options:

AIM: pinkkarone
[plurk.com profile] Caletara 

Time Line

Sep. 27th, 2016 03:45 pm
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1981/1982 - Andros is born.

1987 - Karone is kidnapped by Darkonda from a public park on KO-35 while playing with Andros.

1994 - Andros receives his morpher at the age of 13.

1996 - Dark Spectre and Astronema invade KO-35, leaving Andros and Zhane completely overpowered and the rest of their Space Ranger team dead. With mass casualties and KO-35 in ruins, the planet is evacuated and the remaining Karovans go in hiding. Zhane is mortally wounded saving Andros' life. Andros takes the Megaship and flies off with Zhane's body, abandoning KO-35 and his people.

1996-1998 - Andros wages a one Ranger war on the United Alliance of Evil, taking on Astronema and Ecliptor. Has no known human contact for two years.

1998 - Meets up with the ex-Turbo Rangers and is pressured into empowering them as Space Rangers. (From Out of Nowhere)

1999 - Rangers discover where Andros has hidden Zhane's body and he wakes up, after flatlining. (Survival of the Silver)

1999 - While searching for Zordon the Rangers accidentally discover the Karovan Rebels, who have been planet hopping in hopes of keeping ahead of Dark Spectre and Astronema's forces, who seem intent on annihilating them. Zhane stays behind to help his people. (Zhane's Destiny)

1999 - Astronema takes over the universe. The Rangers take a last stand at Earth and are completely overpowered. Astronema forces the Space Rangers to reveal their identities or she starts killing civilians. Andros accidentally kills Astronema and is forced to kill Zordon, sacrificing his mentor for the safety of universe. (Countdown to Destruction)

1999 - Leo and Kai steal the Astro Megaship, now a museum and tribute to the Space Rangers. (Quasar Quest)

1999 - Andros stalks the trail of the Psycho Rangers data cards. Finds they've already been sold to Deviot. (To the Tenth Power)

1999 - Psycho Pink attacks Kendrix and Cassie. Kendrix sacrifices her life to save Cassie. (Power of Pink)

1999-2002 - Andros stalks the remnants of the Machine Empire and finds they've discovered and have started to dig up Serpentera.

2000 - Galaxy Rangers self destruct the Astro Megaship.

2002 - KO-35 finishes construction of the Astro Megaship Mark II.

2002 - Andros alerts Tommy to the intel he's gathered about the Machine Empire, leading to the events of Forever Red.

2014 - Legendary Battle.
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Player Information
Name: Kara
Age: Yup!
Contact: [plurk.com profile] caletara
Characters already in Medietas: Will Solace, Trance Gemini, Chris Halliwell
Reserve Link: click me

Character Basics
Character name: Andros
Character Journal: killedzordon
Canon: Power Rangers (in space)
Canon Point: Power of Pink
Age: 19
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Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Chimes


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